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What customers are saying about Orbius

“I personally love that you don’t have to be a super tech savvy individual to use Orbius.  It is because Orbius is built out so thoughtfully, that I have been able to jump right in and help my organization attract more traffic and visitors to our user friendly, fun, and appealing website.  The customer support has been excellent as well.  I have never waited more than 1 business day for a reply regarding Orbius.  Also, there are always new features being added and old features being improved.  This is truly an inclusive website platform community that fits anyone's abilities and skill level.”

Claire McEachern, Federation of Neighborhood Center (Teens4Good)

"After our organization selected the Orbius platform to develop and maintain our web site, the site has become a vital resource to our church members.  Because Orbius is easy to maintain, we update site material frequently.  This means that the site gets visited frequently.  We especially value the ability to make material available only to logged in users.  This allows us to protect selected information. The support from Orbius has been excellent.  We have received help when it was needed and some feature requests have been included in the platform. As such, we are happy to recommend the Orbius platform."

Lois Ann Handrich, Germantown Mennonite Church

“Using Orbius has enabled  us to put our site on the top of search rankings  and has helped  us attract the traffic and visitors we are looking for. It let us get started on our projects quickly and without technical complications.  This has been key to allowing us to get a range of comprehensive features at a very affordable price right from the get-go. “

Jeffrey Erb, Core Solutions

“When our client wanted a fully functional website with interactive features and social media capabilities, we immediately turned to Orbius.  The platform was easy to use, fully customizable, and extremely robust.  It gave us the ability to things that wouldn't have otherwise been possible within our time and budget constraints.  We were able to implement our strategy, achieve our client's goals, and absolutely blow their minds all at the same time.”

Cassandra Oryl, Braithwaite Communications

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