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Flexible, Affordable
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for Small to Mid-Sized Organizations

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Partner Opportunities

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 Build Prototypes for Your Clients 
Effective social websites require sustainable support for content creation and community moderation. The Orbius platform provides our marketing partners the opportunity to efficiently build a community for their customers, easily develop and update content, and effectively govern user generated content and communications. Only Orbius provides our partners with:
  • An affordable platform for small to mid-sized clients to engage setup and consulting services
  • An opportunity to provide services for continuing content creation and community management
  • On-going additional revenue streams from discounts to Orbius license fees
  • No-license fees on prototypes until the site launches
Campaign Management
Content Participation
Content Refreshing
Content Monitoring
Continuous Recruitment
Configure Community
Build Community
Governance Controls
Integrate Content


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Orbius Professional Services

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Orbius can provide you with a full range of professional configuration, setup and design services to ensure your clients get the most from your Orbius Social Websites. Orbius uses a proven Social Website Building Methodology to enable our corporate customers and agency partners to maximize their creative marketing capabilities with their Orbius community.

Orbius offers a unique value proposition to agencies because we do not competitively offer the creative services that an agency would. Many white label solution offerings are largely organized around building out their individual websites for a customer, and thus compete directly with the agency client creative relationship.

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