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Applications are major applications that can be added to the Menu Navigation bar. Applications can have specific functionality or may simply be pages. Each Application can be renamed. Applications may also be removed or temporarily disabled at any time. Widgets can be added to all Applications or pages.


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Ask an Expert

• Members post questions to a designated group of experts who answer first before the question becomes visible.
• All commentaries from Experts are shown prominently at the top.
• Option to enable or disable comments to all members.
• Examples include: Ask Coach, Ask Engineering, Ask a Mentor, Ask the CEO.


• Can be used as a blog or online newsletter tool.
• Comments may be enabled or disabled.
• Ability to mark a blog post as featured content to be highlighted elsewhere.
• Blogs include an RSS Feed.

Calendar of Events

• Includes ability to enable RSVP to see attendees.
• Ability to mark an event as featured.

Community Surveys

• Flexible survey question types including response matrix.
• Embed a survey invitation widget or broadcast a message to members with link.
• Survey results exportable to CSV file.

Content Library

• Create a Library of Information with Pages, Photo Galleries or File repositories organized into folders and sub-folders.
• Can add file attachments to text blocks.

Content Page

• Pages (choice of 1-column or 2-column formats) can be setup with Widgets.

Content Space™

• Administrators can create Pages that are not linked to a Navigation Menu and can be linked from any Text Widget.
• Administrators can upload files or images that can be linked or for download

Discussion Forum

• Discussion threads can also include File Attachments and Polls
• Community Administrators to draft and send HTML eNewsletters to members and non-members.
• Includes support for Opt-Out by non-members.
• Newsletters can become content on the Website.

File Repository

• Files may be uploaded into a folder structure.


• Allows the creation of Groups within Community.
• Groups can be private or public and can be listed in the Group Directory.
• Groups can control how Members join.
• Groups can contain Applications and Widgets available elsewhere.
• Group owners can broadcast a message to Members of the Group.

Image gallery

• Photos can be organized into Albums

Orbius Idea Factory™ Application

• Allow members/employees/customers to suggest new ideas, comment on posted ideas and vote on ideas for product or service improvements.
• Community administrators manage the ideas, posts responses and update the status of the company’s undertaking of each idea.

Page Group

• A group of Pages that can be any of the following: Mini-Content Page, Image Gallery and File Repository.

Private Landing Page

• Landing Pages with limited content may included.

Video Gallery

• Upload and post videos hosted on YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo, MySpace, Ning or JustinTV.


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Activity Feed

• Shows list of recent activity on Community Pages for Members.

Comment Wall

• Enables one or more comment walls on any page

Data Collection Form

• Create a form to allow users to submit requests (Request for Info, Request for Quotes, etc), questions or event registration.
• User submissions sent to specified email list.
• Flexible field types like text, numbers, money, url, email
• Screen can have other text and images around the form.
• Configurable post submission screen / text and URL to allow tool to be used for event registration or collect user info prior to download of whitepaper.
• Custom Form calculations available.
• Integration to CRM systems available.

Draft Blog Entry Listing

• Lists unpublished blogs.

Embedded Page

• Frame in any webpage on the Internet and make it part of the Page

Featured Content

• Shows a list of any combination of featured content from the following Applications:
    • Calendar Events
    • Blogs
    • Ask the Expert questions
    • Posts
    • Images
    • Ideas

Folder Content Listing

·Lists contents of folders.

Featured Group

• Shows list of members of a Featured Group. Use this to show a list of experts, management team or board members on a page.

Google AdSense

• Allow Websites to embed Google Adsense Ads within any page.
• Other Advertising Networks/Servers can be supported upon request.


• List entries consist of Title, Description and optional URL.

List of Groups

• Shows a list of selected Groups.

Newest Members

• Shows newest members who joined the community. 


• Locate a poll anywhere to gather quick opinions from members.

Published Blog Entry Listing

• Lists published Blogs.

RSS Feed

• Pull in a RSS Feed from any RSS enabled website.

Text Block

• Flexible text / HTML editor:
• Works like a Word Processor.
     • Can embed HTML for more complicated layouts.
     • Integrate a PayPal Button
     • Add File Attachments
     • Embed Images
• Link to Videos on Google Video, Justin TV, KickApps, Magnify.net, Ning, Screencast, Yahoo & YouTube. Additional video site support added upon request.

TinyChat Chat Room

• Embed a chat room from www.tinychat.com

Twitter Feed

• Embed to show Community or Member Twitter feed.

Prices, plans and features subject to change without notice.

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